Modern Journaling is the ONLY guide that will teach you everything you need to know about keeping a journal digitally!

“Sam Lytle’s Modern Journaling is a perfect guide to start you off on a whole new way of journaling.” -Dolly Garland of Kaizen Journaling


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What this one-of-a-kind ebook has to offer:

  • Clarification of what are the best devices to keep a journal with.
  • 9 reasons why keeping a digital journal is better than one with pen and paper.
  • A detailed explanation of 28 eJournal features and why they are or are not important.
  • 25 digital journal reviews that cover most computers and mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Blackberries,Windows Phone 7 devices and computers.
  • Simple steps on how to switch from your current journal to your new digital journal.
  • Instructions on how to perfect your digital journal.


The journaling opportunities these days are truly incredible. You can now record your life in amazing new ways with the devices you already have and usually have with you! But where do you start?

I present to you Modern Journaling: The COMPLETE Guide to Keep a Journal on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer! This ebook is the only guide available that is dedicated entirely to journaling with modern technology. It is written in plain words to help users of any age or experience navigate this new world. Modern Journaling contains information that will not only tell you about how to use these new methods of journal and diary keeping, but will give you practical recommendations so that you can get started, TODAY.



What Makes Modern Journaling Special?

Throughout most of my life I kept journals the classic way- with pen and paper. This was sufficient for me at the time but as technology progressed the journaling world along with everything else, I decided to test the waters of digital journaling. I soon discovered that keeping a personal journal on my computer or smartphone enabled me to write faster, back up my data and input as many pictures as I would like. I enjoyed journaling again!

After several years of digital journaling I started so that I could teach others the useful tips, tricks and ideas I had learned and how incredible this new form of journaling was. More importantly, I wanted to show journalers everywhere how to avoid some common mistakes and misconceptions that I faced in my early days of keeping a journal electronically.

 Now, two years later and after testing dozens of journaling applications and services, I am considered by many to be digital journaling guru. You can learn more about my story here.

This information isn’t something you can get anywhere else. Easy Journaling is the only digital journaling website and I am the only one who has put this much time and effort into studying this industry.

Modern Journaling also comes with a bonus section that contains 20 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on keeping an digital journal and a second bonus that discusses the new automated journaling movement!